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    I wished I had an answer for you but I don't, instead I have a question almost like yours. My question is, I work in a LTC facility and we are possibly getting an admit and her diag. reads: Renal disease,stage 6.What does this mean? I have never heard of any kind of stage in renal disease,only End Stage Renal Disease. The other nurses at work said they didn't have any answers either. Any information would be appreciated.

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    I have visited this site several times but never had the nerve to register and log in. I think this is an excellent site. I'm not very good at this posting thing so if I mess up, please let me know if I make a mistake. I am excited about being able to post now that I have become a member. Hopefully I will be able to help someone out along the way. I started as a nursing assistant, as i usually say, back in the dark ages! I have been an LPN for over 20 years and at present time I'm working on my RN, hopefully before it's time for me to retire!