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    CCRN Helpful in CRNA school...... not really. The extent it has helped me thus far is get me accepted. I have not used much or any of the knowledge I learned from the CCRN or least not yet. And if I have I couldn't really tell you what it is - brain is currently frying. Anesthesia school is a beast! You are basically starting all over again no matter how many years of nursing experience you have. You are in a completely different environment (OR), have a different knowledge base, and learn different skills. Most of all you have to learn a completely different way of thinking. To be honest I don't think anything can really prepare you except a high drive to succeed and the willingness to make many sacrifices. Good luck to you.

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    Thanks MIRN~

    I hope you get a phone call soon. Please keep us updated.

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    I got in!! Got a call Oct 31. Good luck to you all!

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    Hi everyone

    I interviewed Oct 23 and received a call on Halloween accepting me into the program. Yea!! I'm very excited and can't wait to start.

    Good luck to you all.

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    Quote from Lauraash
    Please just need some motivation. I just need to know that people do make it through nursing school as single moms. I have no doubt I will do it. But I can definitely feel the pressure that people think there's no way.

    I'm living breathing proof it can be done. You can do it too, however you have to be very disciplined and have a good support system. I graduated with my ADN and then BSN a couple years later while working full time as a single parent of a young child in pre-school. I'm not going to lie to you it was very challenging and there was a ton of pressure on my back, however I wanted it so bad that there was nothing that could have stood in my way.

    I spoke with my manager at the time and he agreed to allow me to augment my schedule to accomodate class and clinical time. In addition, my former mom-in-law and babysitter would watch my daughter while I was in clinical or class. I was constantly studying and slept whenever I could, not to mention making time for my kid. It was difficult but doable. If you are determined, you will be successful.

    Good luck to you!

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    Quote from Me2006
    congrats..i hear its a 3 year waiting list!

    good luck to u

    Yikes!!!! The waiting list is that long now?? Hopefully there is a possibility of getting in sooner.

    Nurseboat, congrats on passing the exam!

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    I'm a current student at UM-Flint, however, I on the RN-BSN track. I do share classes with students who are 4-year BSN students though. Let me know there are any questions I can answer for you.

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    This is front page news today that Vangaurd, a for profit agency, is in the works to purchase the debt ridden DMC. As a former employee, changes are most certainly in order. For all DMC employees, do you think this is a change in the right direction? Has anyone worked for a 'For Profit' hospital?

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    Go to the Michigan BON website and there is a link that will direct you step by step on how to apply for the your license and take the NCLEX. I believe you can download the entire packet off the website. They use L-1 fingerprinting services in Michigan so there isn't a card persay. They take your fingerprints on this neet little machine and the process is only about 10 minutes.

    Good luck!

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    It is a beast! So much so that it really can't be explained - it was the hardest test in the program in my opinion. The questions were paragraphs and very complex. There were plenty of people who were still taking the test after time ran out. Focus on cardiac problems and meds. Also make sure you know all the insulins, peak on onset time frames. I believe kidney problems are also on that test - know them too. Just make sure you study, study, study and you'll be fine. Good luck!

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    What is a HCA hospital?

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    These are very good tips!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

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    "port-au-prince, haiti (cnn) -- so many doctors are answering haiti's call for medical aid that the largest hospital in port-au-prince has a new problem: organizing and finding good use for them all.
    "i think there is a lot of confusion," said marivittoria rava, a longtime volunteer with the charity friends of the orphans, which runs a children's hospital now caring for some post-operative patients from the general hospital.
    rava said that medical supplies and resources have improved, but the crush of volunteer doctors in port-au-prince can complicate treatment in the city while there is great need for help in other places hit by the earthquake.
    the general hospital has nine operating rooms, but a near platoon of volunteer surgeons, leaving many standing by for work.
    as the city's main hospital is brimming with doctors, it is in need of nurses and physical therapists."

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    Quote from blastopore
    Clarification. I was talking about the first year medical interns. I dont' really have problems with the new grads, since I was one not quite long ago.
    Oops, totally misunderstood you. Thanks for clarifying. I completely understand your pain. Be firm with them and let them know what is expected of them. They have a responsibility they must uphold and must realize this is a team effort. If they don't comply, go above their heads. A job needs to get done and the patient can't wait until they get it together.

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    Quote from Angelahealer09
    Yeah I had a interview at Sinai back in July, no license yet and I was pregnant, maybe my chances will be better now with a license and not being pregnant.
    Don't give up, keep trying. After I passed boards, I applied to numerous jobs at the DMC before I finally got a call back. Now that you have your license, you are in a better position. Keep applying and calling recruiters as much as possible. There is a job out there that has your name on it. Stay positive and persistant.