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    I agree with moonflower.. Discuss the issue with your hiring manager. But if you think that getting your foot in the door is important- it may actually be worth it for a while- in most places after about 6 mos you can transfer- perhaps you could find a job with 3 12's then. Beyond that- in another 6 mos you'll have the year of acute experience most hospitals are looking for.. And then maybe somewhere closer to home? Otherwise the weekend thing might work. If you don't want the job though- definitely let the manager know ASAP. You don't want to burn any bridges...

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    It's a tough job, stressful in it's own way (case loads, meeting metrics, etc..). However, that said, on the plus side a mistake doesn't have the same degree of seriousness that you would find when working bedside-i.e no one dies. I find that many nurses that I work with work more than 8 hrs a day in order to meet the required # of cases.. But no weekends, no holidays. It's got it's good and bad. I am finding that in terms of job satifaction-I personally MISS working with pts. I don't know, just kinda feel like I'm pushing papers around a desk (virtually, lol) just like I did before becoming a nurse. Honestly, it's not my favorite job.

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    Definitely Leslie, and RubyVee. They are always straightforward and hilarious!! EricOlsen, Batman25, and a bunch of others as well. Leslie, I think you've just been crowned prom queen...

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    One day I ws talking to my dtr (she's 16 now, was about 14 then), about how burned out I was feeling at work. And with the wonderful sarcasm that she inherited from me, she looked at me, rolled her eyes, and said "you're way past burned out, Mom. You're deep fried!" Hence the name..

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    Quote from franciscan gypsy
    Mine is really stupid. I hate doing I&O. It's so easy and so important, but I love that the aides do it and hate in when I have to.
    Yup, me too. Weird, the things that bug people...

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    You know Ruby, I only have 8 years under my belt, but when I first started, there was a lot more team work. I'm in CA, where there are ratios. As such, since nurses on tele have "only" 4 pts, admin assumes CNA's and LVN's are not as necessary. So 31 bed unit, 2 CNA's. (and per the union contract, they only have to take 6 patients each) When I started (before ratios), I had 6 patients, 4 of whom would have an aide (4 aides on the floor). With 2 sets of hands, things moved quickly and efficiently. Now, it's pretty much every man for himself. I miss the old days. We are creating nurses who don't feel the need to step up and offer help to anyone. The basic care that pts deserve is getting sidelined. Yes, we have to monitor tons of stuff, but it takes approximately 15 minutes to bathe a pt if there are 2 people. I hate to think that pts go 3-4 days without basic hygiene. How would each of us feel if we had to go that long? I miss teams. They made for better care, and better nurses.

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    ((tait)).. A horrible and gut wrenching situation. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. May you all find the path that leads to peace for your Grandma, and for all of you.

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    Quote from ruby vee
    my biggest problem with this post (and it's a huge one) is that i'm unable to give it more than one "kudos". if i could, i'd give you 50 or 60!
    i agree, 150%!! extremely well written, and pretty much sums up how i feel, more eloquently than i probably could have..

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    Meh... the freakin' scrub thing!! Drives me absolutely NUTS!! Wear cute scrubs girl, do your thing! But for goodness sake PUT YOUR BUTT CRACK AWAY!! Don't make me start referring to you as "the Cracken". To your face, of course. In a pirate voice. In the middle of the full nursing station.

    Because I will, if I have to. ARRRGHH....

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    Quote from grandmawrinkle
    I don't think you did anything wrong, but as an FYI to you, 1 gm of Mag is peanuts. Even if you did give it with a level of 1.8, if probably would have only brought your patient's Mag level up to mid-normal range..
    Agree with the above.. It's not that you were necessarily wrong or anything.. But I also agree with those that said looking at the trends in a case like this is important. On the other hand, good for you for paying attention to blood levels and such when administering meds! That's the makings of an excellent nurse.

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    The other day I was looking for a phone number online for a friend. So I look the guy's name up, and along with the phone number, it had his complete address, and a map showing his house. Now, I have a unique name, and so I looked up my number too. Sure enough, there was me, with a map to my house and all. So no, I'm not letting any one take a picture of my badge, and they can't have my last name unless they ask my manager for it. I'll give them my first name and my credentials, that's it. I work in a gang infested area, take care of a lot of gangsters, and I'm not having any of them or their ticked off family members looking for me at home.

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    Actually, there are certain species of maggots that do eat live tissue (non- necrotic tissue). The type used in medicinal maggot therapy only eat the necrotic stuff (of course), but it is entirely feasible that another species that consumes healthy, living flesh might have been present as well. I'm not sure which thought is worse though, that he laid in one spot long enough to get rotting sores that were then consumed by maggots, or that he was literally eaten alive by maggots.. That's the kind of stuff nightmares are made of..

    ETA: Screwworm fly maggots are the eaters of living flesh... Google 'em. Usually start in wounds, but move on to cause terrible damage to healthy tissue also..

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    Agree with the above, first thing I thought of was diversion.. She has others remove the meds and in doing so avoids a paper trail (or computer trail, I guess). However, if she is having you give them also, maybe it is an issue of sanction. The next time she asks, just tell you will be happy to walk her through using the machine if she's having trouble (on the off chance that maybe she is just having trouble with it), or just ask her why she is continually unable..but don't do it for her. And give a heads up to your manager. It probably needs to be addressed.

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    Agree with the above..You are hanging your behind out there writing out things about a patient you have not assessed, and she's hanging her behind out there assuming you have written the correct info on her patient. A lawyer would have a field day.

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    I'm so sorry this happened to you.. You aren't over-reacting to the situation, because what happened would be terrifying to anyone. Rationally we can all know that with the PEP your risks are really quite low, but it's hard not be frightened anyway. I think the EAP idea is a great one, they will help you find a way to deal with your fears and anxiety. Prayers out for your peace of mind, and for your continued health.