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    maybe now we are TWO.
    little steps...

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    thank for congratulations...
    i would like to talk to american nurses..
    i am an head nurse in cardiac centre. my enlish is terrible but....
    i am so nice.

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    in italy we don't use filter. sometimes we have flebitis. i would like to know which kind of filter is possible tu use.
    and is there some news about this in EBN?

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    i am an italian head nurse.
    i don't know the staff situation in usa.
    i wuold like to have your opinion about my standard staff.
    my ward has 25 beds, cardiological patients,
    i have 13 rn.
    morning 3
    afternoon 3
    night 2
    working hours in a month for each person around 160.
    is it different in USA?
    thank a lot and sorry for my simple english.

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    it is my first time for me...
    i am an italian head nurse.
    i work in a cardilogical centre in milano.
    i wuold like to have some information about OUR job in USA.
    is there someone so kind to talk with me?
    i don't speak english well but belive me...
    i have a lot of experience on my back.
    i worked last year in a cambogian hospital for war victims
    and maybe can be interesting for you to know
    what happen there.

    i think that nurses in all the world
    have the same heart.
    i will wait here.