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    Hi all!

    I'm starting clinicals next semester (Foundations). Any advice?

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    I do undertsand to the fullest (especially the financial situation)!!! I wasn't the oldest in my class even though I'm 28 w/ a 10 yr. old(will be 29 soon). But it was all foreign to me and even the other sciences too but I managed to get A's & B's. I end up getting a C in micro & I was disappointed at first but I had come to realize that I worked hard & I can't beat myself up over it. There were people in the class failing and I could have been one of them. I'll just work harder. So don't be encouraged! Stay motivated & it'll work out!:wink2:

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    I'm new to the site and I'm a pre-nursing student. I'm taking patho this semester and it's really not that bad...right now. We'll just have to wait it out & see how it goes. This is the last class I have to take before I'm notified as to whether or not I'm accepted into the nursing program.