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    fireeyes25, where do you work in PA. I'm in the Harrisburg and am thinking about going back to school to become a LPN. $25/hour is a lot higher than what I've been hearing for LPNs in this area, but it would be nice!

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    Thank you to everyone who has responded so far! Your input is greatly appreciated.

    I'm going to shadow nurses in a local hospital and nursing home next week.

    And, contrary to one post, my sole motivation for looking at nursing is not the $. Sorry if I came off that way.

    Yes, the $ and job security will be a HUGE plus compaired to what I have now, but I also want a career I can be proud of. ie, help people, acomplish something meangful everyday and enjoy what I do.

    I actually became interested in nursing several months ago when my grandfather passed. I got to know several of his in home nurses and was surprised to learn how much they really helped by coming in for a few hours a day. I'd honestly never had much contact with people in the medical profession before that. Those nurses sparked my interest in nursing, but I'm only now starting to considor it as a profession.

    I do have one more question tho. What's the difference between working in a doctor's office and a hospital/nursing home? The hours seem better, so I'm guessing it's less $ and more paper work??

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    I graduated from college with a BA degree two years ago. After graduation it took me 10 months to find a job in government public relations. It's an hour drive each way from my home, I make $26,000/year with no room for advancement at all and I really hate what I'm doing becuase I hardly every get to interact with other people.

    I've been trying to find another job in PR for the past year, but with no luck. There just doesn't seem to be $ or demand for someone with less than 10 years of experience.

    A friend of mine just became an RN. She suggested I take 18 months and $10,000, become an LPN, and work my way up to RN later.

    It sounds applealing.

    Job security seems good with nursing, I like working with people, I grew up on a farm so there aren't many things that phase me...but I don't know if going back to school for another degree is smart, seeing as it didn't work out to well for me the first time.

    Can anyone tell me the average salary and hours for a new LPN in Pennsylvania? I'd love to work days or 12 hour shifts. My friend says she think LPNs make $18-$28/hour. If that's right, that's more than I get now, plus the hospital is only 10 minutes from home.

    Changing careers is the only way I'm going to get more $ and feel like I'm accomplishing something with my time. I'm just not sure nursing is right for me.