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    Thank you very much Suzanne! They do accept IELTS here. I will find out more information about it. I will visit Thailand in Nov, so I might do the test in Thailand.

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    Hi there ,
    This's a very nice website-alot of information for nurses. I am a new member here! Let me introduce myself,I am from Thailand and now in Calgary,Alberta. I graduated from a thai university with a BNS(4years programme) a few years ago. I've only one and a half year experience working in Thailand as a RN(full time job). I have moved to Calgary with my fiance' for about 7 months so far. Well,I have been trying to get back in nursing field again out here. About 2 months ago,I put an application for RN Educated and Registered Outside Canada with CARNA(College and Association of Registered Nurese of Alberta). I am waiting for the assessment from them. As all nurses, whose primary language is not English,are required to provide proof of English language competency. My question is ..... between CELBAN(Candian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses) and TOEFL(iBT) which one is better to go for???? Has anyone done these test before, if you don't mind please give me some advice! Thank you very much in advance.
    Oh and one more question, how long does it take for CARNA to assess your profile after they've recieved all documents requried for the assessment?? I meant when they will send me the first notification?? If you got through this situation before , I would love to hear from you! Thank you very much