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    also would work well in er setting to quickly sedate in order to evaluate/treat without looking at lasting side effects

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    Quote from Five&Two Will Do
    Medicare? An administration should not be allowed to dictate what is medically acceptable. It should be a standard of practice to have transduced blood pressures for anyone sick enough for pressors! I like the way your docs sound.
    thanks, I really miss that place, had to relocate due to husbands job, in the market now and looking, wish me luck

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    hmmmm dat gator is some tasty on da grill

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    Before you start writing up you may consider discussing this with management first. Good luck, it is hard to work with someone who won't do their job, esp. when it effects your ability to do your job.

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    there their, here hear, two to too, weather wether, your you're........ it goes on and on but bugs me to see words misused, went to a really strict primary school and these mistakes were not allowed

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    Quote from CT Pixie
    faux pas ??
    ha ha most excellent

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    Quote from detroitdano
    It's medicine, it doesn't care what size syringe it's in, it's still gonna do the same job.
    smaller syringe is more pressure on the picc therefore dont wanna rupture the picc, seen it too many times when I worked at one place in FL

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    OK I fought myself about putting this on here, but Nursing acronyms...... we all have them right? When I worked with the army people in an army hospital in Seoul Korea ( I was civilian) was indoctrinated and ***** was new to me ( "messed" up beyond all recognition), well heck army folks are very down to earth (at least the ones I worked with)

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    Quote from dorie43rn
    The best points of ICU nursing have been pointed out, but I need to make one more. Don't ever let anyone tell you, or think yourself, "How hard could taking care of 2 patients be?" I started on a busy med surg floor, and that is what I heard alot. Well let me tell you, I have been in the unit for over a year, and I am busier most times then I was on the floor! When you have a vented patient with all the drips, tube feeds, cdiff, ect, I run by butt off all day! So, get any notion out of your head two paitents would be a breeze, because it isn't! LOL
    I must say that is a pet peeve of mine, when I have worked places that let floor nurses float to ICU we always get the "wow this is so easy, only two patients" A lot of float nurses just do NOT get that ICU will give them the easiest most stable patients. They may get two overflow patients and think "love to come to ICU sit around all night". grrrrrr

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    Quote from icu26RN
    Thanks everyone for all your responses . I definitely wish we had more a-lines in our icu, it would make things so much easier. I find that a lot of patients in our unit that are on multiple pressors do not have a-lines!!! I am not sure why and I will definitely try to advocate for one if possible.
    sorry to say this, but at my last job was told that the reason we don't get more art lines is medicare has strict standards and won't pay.
    I am happy to say that we had a new group of hospitalists that came in and but a quick end to this. They had attitude of "well of COURSE they need an art line, they are on pressors" LOVE LOVE LOVED it

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    10 ml with push pause technique, while on the subject never use smaller than a 10 cc syringe to flush a picc, can rupture the line, worked one hospital that routinely used 3 ml syringes and we actually had "picc repair kits"

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    Not quite clear, if the order was to wean the propofol and the patient was not tolerating the wean then why keep weaning?

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    Quote from handyrn
    I am quitting my LTC job today. I have another offer on the table, but even if I didn't, I would still be quitting. I have worked there only a few months, and very part time and I was never orientated/oriented. I was never shown a P&P book either. The place I work is SO unsafe, many deficiencies, and low rating (1 out of 5). I am not a floor nurse, but recently was asked to be a floor nurse to fill in some shifts, no orientation. So I did it. It was a nightmare! I have 20+ years of experience and have worked for temp agencies so it should not have been so hard, but it was! Anyway, after working one very bad shift on the floor and letting the DON know it didn't go well, I was asked if I could work the floor on a day I was scheduled to be there anyway. I was told that if I didn't do it, the other nurse would have to take the whole load herself! I'm sure they knew that if I was there and she was the only nurse, I would end up helping anyway. So I decided to go ahead and take the shift. Afterwards, my husband said no more! I came home crying after working the floor because I was so stressed and upset by what I saw. (And I was lied to, being told what my shift would be, only to get there and find out I had to be there a few hours more. Not because of being behind, but because they scheduled me that way after I expressly discussed with them what hours I would/could work.)

    Anyway, now I find out that on my days to work they are short a nurse. There is no one else to fill in. Since the shifts that they are short a nurse falls on my rotation, I am pretty sure they are figuring I will have to do the floor duties. There has been no talk of orientation. (Obviously, there is no nurse available to orientate me since they are just throwing me out there while in a bind.) I am SO not comfortable giving the meds as I can't find a lot of them, there is a lot of borrowing going on, the narc counts are rarely done and when they are, they are off. I just don't want to touch that med cart with a ten foot pole!

    So I have decided to quit effective immediately before being put in the situation of having to do floor nurse duties again without training. And I am so nervous about doing so. It just gives me the shakes and has me in an anxiety attack. However, the thought of going in on my next shift not only does that but also makes me sick to my stomach to the point of vomitting. So the lesser of two evils is to quit.

    I am also afraid of lawsuits and protecting my license (there are multiple abuse complaints against this facility), and I worry about staying there and being "connected" to the facility and how that will look to future employers.

    So I guess the purpose for this thread is so SOMEONE will say that it is ok that I am quitting even without a 2 week notice. Of course, after this thread, if anyone there looks at it, there are probably enough identifiers that they would know who I am and fire me anyway. And if they did, they wouldn't give me notice would they? So why should I feel guilty?
    Good luck hun, I hope it works out for you. I only had to quit one job without notice and that is when patient safety was in severe jeopardy due to the actions of a coworker. You already have something lined up. This job is stressing you out. Definitely sounds like an unsafe environment. Walk away and don't look back.

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    Quote from wishinguponastarCNA
    If they have me do the drug screen right after the interview, does that mean I pretty much got the job, or is that standard procedure???
    The interview went really well and he acted as if I got the job, then had me do the drug screen. What do you think?
    sounds like a good sign to me, had quite a few jobs due to moving (military wife) and the drug screen always came with job offer. good luck

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    Quote from Court23
    I love it when moms bring their kids into the ER with a fever. As a nurse its our job to ask "What was their temperature?" I love the response I often get " I dont know, I didnt take it; they felt hot compared to my hand."
    I never knew our hands were thermometers
    did you give tylenol? yes, did it work? yes, how long ago? 8 hours but the fever came back.............just wanna pull my hair out