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    Congratulations I'm so happy to see that the lord has delivered you.

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    I agree with you I just took my exam on Friday afternoon and I left that test thinking what in the world did I just take. I felt like I knew absolutely nothing on that test. It hasn't even been 24 hours and already I am climbing up the wall and going crazy and since its a weekend I probably won't get my results until Monday/Tuesday. When I saw that my test didn't end at 75 I got so nervous my heart started beating fast and I felt like I was about to hyperventilate I took a couple of deep breaths and was like ok god since I have gone over 75 than that just means I'm still in the game and I'm borderline but I know that you are still here with me. I expected to go up to a hundred but my test stopped at 79 which was so unexpected. What makes me even more anxious was the fact that I was unsure of the answer choice I picked. I do believe that I have a good level of faith and that god knows what you want and gives an answer to your prayers in three ways (yes, no, and wait:angel2: ) and I want to believe that I passed, at the same time I am feeling so nervous and just the thought of failing is so nerve recking. I just don't know what to feel about the test, but I know one thing at this point it is not one hundred percent positive or negative. Everyone keeps telling me oh you passed, just praise the lord for passing it, but I feel that they are placing so much pressure on me and are not helping my anxiety level by saying that and I just cant shake the thought of disappointing them as well as myself. I can understand why they make us take this exam but I also wish they had a faster way of reveling the results to us :crash_com .