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    Mary and all,
    if I remember correctly, we had a little meet & greet during lunchtime when school started last year where the 2nd years talked about their experiences so far and whatnot. I am assuming that will happen again, but I'm not sure. I understand your frustration with financial aid, and the only advice I can give you is to be assertive, but don't get upset. I know that sounds easy, but honestly, that's one important thing I've learned so far

    -Sarah K

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    Hey All! My name is Sarah K, and I'll be a 2nd year in the GEMINI program this fall... I thought I might offer you some advice/suggestions in response to the stuff you've been discussing.
    The apartment thing: I would recommend getting your own place close to school. I personally live at Deerfield Run, which is more or less on campus. I like it and air and heat are included.
    Stay away from Swan Park Apts and anything near UTs main campus. In terms of getting a roommate, I would say DON'T. This program is tough and takes a lot of time and concentration and a roommate is probably something you don't want to deal with.
    Being in Toledo is great, b/c you will start clinicals at 6:45 for the most part.
    Along the same lines, with money, I would suggest taking out some extra loans, private loans, to pay for your apt, food, etc. There are lots of programs available such as Collegiate Funding, etc. Just deal with the fact that this is gonna be expensive. Also, if you want to work, after your first semester, you can apply for a job at the hospital as a nursing assistant which pays pretty well and is only every other weekend or so. Working any more than that will be very difficult. There are a couple people in my class who have tried to work a lot and they are hurting right now.
    In terms of crime, etc in Toledo, it exists, but no more than anywhere else.
    The murder/ suicide one person spoke of happened in the complex next to mine and it was an isolated insident. I have had no problems thus far.
    I've heard from profs that you guys have 34ish people in your class. We only have 22.
    Let me just say in closing that the frustrations you are feeling in general are normal and we all went through it. You will be with the same people for the next 2 years, so try not to hate them You won't have classes with anyone else and you probably won't see us or other students much.
    The school is not particularly communicative which I expect will be exacerbated by the merger. With that said, this is a good program and you will learn a lot. It is hard, but you wouldn't be there is you couldn't handle it. I don't know your ages/ experiences, but this is not undergrad and you're going to be treated like a grownup. That was a big difference for me compared to undergrad where I was coddled by my programs and profs. The profs are good for the most part and many are passionate about nursing and their specialities. This program is definitely what you make of it. Good luck and I'll see you in the fall!
    -Sarah K