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    Thank you everyone for all the advice! I am sticking with nursing. I met with a career counselor today and she directed me to the disabilities coordinator so I will have special accomodations for clinicals. Thanks for all the support!


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    In order to understand my dilemma, I'm going to explain my disability. I was a sophomore nursing student. Last September, I came down with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, which was basically respiratory failure. I spent 149 days in the hospital...many of which most people did not think I would make it through. Then I came home to spend 5 months in therapy trying to cut down on oxygen and increase my endurance and strength. I am now back at nursing school trying it again, but I still do not know if I will be physically able to do nursing. I get out of breath walking across campus (which is not very big) because I have 55% lung function and pulmonary hypertension. My biggest question is if you guys think I would be able to get through the clinicals. Another thing is that with being poked and prodded for so long, I am really apprehensive about poking anybody with a needle. It is so hard to decide and think things through because my family and friends are so supportive that they tell me I can do anything, but I want to be realistic and not waste time and money. Please let me know your thoughts!!!