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    I have heard patients like my grandpa say they have no idea which hospital workers are nurses -- everyone wears scrubs these days, even kids in high school since they can't wear pajamas! When there was a "throwback day" and the nurses wore the white dress uniforms, one nurse said she had a patient who told her he was grateful to FINALLY see a nurse! Do you work at a place that has a special uniform for nurses, maybe a different color of scrubs, or polos instead of that?

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    My name is Miranda, and I am a journalist-in-training interning at Registered Nurse magazine. I am doing a story about nurse health issues -- you know, nurses take care of others but so often don't take care of themselves! The story is going to be about individual nurses struggling with health problems -- smoking, weight, stress, things like that.

    I've been reading this forum for story ideas and to get a feel for how nurses think and act -- you guys are really lively and great at conveying experience. So I thought I could look here for sources!

    Do any of you have any great stories to share about your experiences? I am looking to talk to someone who has a great story about quitting smoking, an interesting/weird thing you do to relieve stress (nursing is super stressful!!), or maybe group efforts to get into better general shape?

    (I am also working on a story about eMAR systems but I thought I would see how this thread goes first. )