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    Thank you all so very much for your responses.

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    Im sorry. I guess i didnt make that clear. We ALWAYS count narcotics together. The count was correct when she counted with the previous nurse @7 but when I counted with Nurse B @ 11, we were off by 1. She looked thru the MAR to see if she had missed anything, but found nothing. She said she is almost positive she didnt give it to the resident. Nurse B was there while i filled out the incident form and she signed it (as I was told to do by the unit manager). Nurse B did not leave until it was filled out and I didnt start passing meds until everything was done that i was told to do.

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    I have been an RN for 3 years but just recently took a job at a LTC for the first time. Well, an issue occurred the other night and I would appreciate some advice from ppl that have worked LTC longer than me. I came on @ 11p. The nurse leaving had worked 7p-11p (lets call her nurse B). I got there, got report and was handed the keys so that i could open the med cart to count narcotics. Upon counting narcotics, i noticed a discrepancy. Seeing as how neither I nor nurse B had ever been in this situation, we called our nurse hotline (which is either the unit manager or DON). I asked the unit manager what I was supposed to do in this situation and she informed me of what to do and that she would investigate the following day. well, i got a call from the DON the next am and she stated that I and nurse B share equal liability because i "should not have taken the keys". I did everything that i was told to do by the unit manager. She was aware and wanted to wait until the next am to investigate. i dont understand how i share any liability in this. can somebody please help me?