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    I will be starting Nursing 1 this summer and we need to purchase a stethoscope....was wondering if anyone can recommend a brand and what is the difference between the single & double tubing? Thanks in advance!!

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    This is the "General Nursing Discussion" thread.
    What is wrong with seeking general advice from everyone, including nursing students?
    This is the exact attitude that "people" complain about nurses with attitudes.
    Perhaps nursing students have encountered this "general problem", but perhaps because we are "student's" our opinion's don't count.

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    Thanks so much for sharing your personal experience & advice.
    I think my struggle will be feeling like I'm invading their personal space & dealing with the emotional aspects of taking care of the elderly. I suppose once working as a CNA the experience will help me deal with these issues?
    Thanks again for your advice

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    I don't begin my RN program until Aug. '07 and am considering getting trained as CNA through a local Nursing Home and working there until I begin my RN program. I shadowed a CNA at the NH and was not thrilled about the work, and I'm not sure if I have the emotional strenghth to work with the elderly on a full-time basis. I would like advice if it would be good experience prior to starting RN program or will this be redundant work once I start my clinicals? I really don't want to waste this next year , but if I can get some clinical experience, maybe it would be a good experience - if I can suck it up. Any advice would be appreciated..