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    Just found out today that i am accepted for the january 2015 batch is there anybody else accepted for that batch ?

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    Quote from iLOVEbees
    My scholarship and also the partnership discount were applied today. I had called and left a message for the Bursar's office and they replied with this:

    I received your voice mail in regards to a scholarship and pricing for your FNP program. I do show you are eligible for the scholarship and the reduced pricing. After they have been applied you will see the change on your account. You can view your account activity and balances due on your MyMav student center. From your student center home page choose account activity from the drop down menu that shows other financial... You will see all charges, payments, scholarships, etc applied to your account. Unfortunately our office does not apply the scholarship or the pricing code. I see that you have paid in full for the class that starts on Monday... You do not have another payment due until June 28, 2014, but the amount due should not be $1962. After the pricing code is applied and the scholarship you will owe considerably less. Hopefully both will be applied today. Please log onto your MyMav student center and view your account later today.

    When I log into MyMav, it says

    Pending Financial Aid Find | View All | First 1-2 of 2 Last
    Award Term Amount
    AP Sch MSN FNP T&F 2014 Summer 1,066.68
    Total Pending Financial Aid for this view 1,066.68
    | First 1-2 of 2 Last

    And also, the course price has been reduced. I am registered for my 2nd course and it had said the tuition due was $1962, but now it says

    06/27/2014 2014 Summer 1,728.00
    Total due for this view 1,728.00
    Hi iLOVEbees
    is the application for scholarship separate from the student loans .what is the eligibilty criteria for it
    Thank you in advance

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    Quote from annie_m
    There are a couple of threads on the uta page on the online university section if you want to go over there.
    thank you very much.All the best.

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    Hi RoshawndaB,
    i also applied for the Nov 2014 start ,but did not hear from them yet , have you heard anything yet?.

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    Hi steffijack
    i was reading your thread, did you get your acceptance letter for September batch?.i applied for the Nov start but do not have any info yet .do you know how to obtain the course plan?.I am curious to know what all need to be done ,to be ready before start of the program , I have no idea where to start and i am getting nervous.have you applied for financial aid?.any feedback is appreciated.Thank you in advance .

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    Hi Daizy2014
    Thank you so much for the response .

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    Hey everyone,I recently applied to UTA AP FNP for the Nov start ,who else applied for this session?.Have you heard anything ?.For those who have started the AP FNP how is the
    program going ?. if we need to take a break for one month for summer vacation ,will they let us to take a break .Any feedback is appreciated .All the best .