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    Groping for the right words to start a new topic seems to exhaust me. What a way to spend a day off from work. Well, I feel I needed it to jumpstart my sagging and worsening ego with the aftermath of my life changing decision to switch time zones. Equating the words success and self-actualization gives me quite a challenge to boot. But I guess both have the connection. Allow me to dig deeper into their realm.

    Merriam-Webster told me that the word success has it's roots from the Latin word succesus and it means a favorable or desired outcome. While self-actualization would mean realizing one's full potential. I definitely find this important in the pursuit of my dreams and aspirations. I have been back and side tracking my way to the top because of an unhealthy dose of negativity and fear. It's hard for me to give up what I have programmed in my mind for 41 years back home.

    I felt I reached the peak of my career and personal life. Feeling satisfied then seemed to fuel a craving for what I call 'icing on the cake. When I finally reached this particular goal, I felt I wanted to escape. A mistake in it's full splendor.

    If only I could find a special correction fluid to blot out an inadvertent insertion of this particular activity. Basket case scenario, isn't it? It is also difficult to reconcile the fact that I'm starting a new way of life this late and I feel that Maslow's fifth and the word success will never be found in this side of the world. But wait a minute, I think I have to take a cue from Maslow and try to start living my life with the basic necessities as my stronghold.

    I finally discovered while writing this that I need to accept the fact that I'm here and do something worthwhile out of it. Got it now. I suddenly remembered proactivity.

    As I move on through the different levels of safety, love and belonging,and esteem, I may soon find what I am looking for. Although they may overlap at times, they help keep a saner outlook in life than just sulking my way to oblivion.

    My ambivalence is catching up on me again. I cringed at the very thought of passing through a new highway of life. I definitely am starting from scratch and I do feel tired with it's adversities. I may not be able to spar with the uncertainties and complexities it has to offer. But wait, I do still see a small ray of hope glimmering from far away.

    My emotional upheaval is now getting the better of this topic so I might as well decide whether I want to reach Maslow's fifth or be doomed forever. As I am writing, I suddenly felt an adrenaline surge. I might as well take advantage of it. Hope it stays with me till I reach the peak.

    Someone said to me in the past that no one can't have his cake and eat it too. But some people get away with it even for just awhile. That's part of fulfillment. Short-lived but hey, could be worth it regardless of it's aftermath. At some point, they self-actualized. Maslow's fifth can be nerve-wracking sometimes. You thought you succeeded. Then in one quick super ego reaction, dissatisfaction sets in and it changes the whole picture. It's part of being human. An imperfection and frailty that happens 24/7 in some but could be in all people.

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    Best training ground for a new nurse:UMC tucson

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    I suggest you go to reputable agencies as a last resort.They can help you get hired.

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    Hi! I am an AZ licensed RN.I applied for endorsement here in California last year and I am now holding a valid California license.Never had problems with my educational requirements.

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    I've seen numerous patients reaching out their hands in the direction of the sky.They seem to be wanting to go with someone but I don't see anyone in the room except me and these dying patients.It's also true that some of them suddenly become stronger before they breathe their last and some even were able to go home and die peacefully days after. I also had creepy experiences that I cannot forget.But I don't want to scare anyone so i'll just keep it to myself.I'm sure there are others who have experienced a mind-boggling episode during a stint with a dying or even dead patient.

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    Hello again! I think, it's either you look for a nursing job elsewhere or start getting an experience in LTC/SNF. Or you can apply in a home-health nursing agency.Later on, when you have enough experience,you can go and apply as a home-health nurse in an acute care hospital.It's one way of getting into the system.After that,you can become an internal candidate for any of the staff nurse positions that they'll soon have.Just a suggestion...

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    A beautiful heart...a touching remembrance... You are a gem! Nursing needs more of you.

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    Hi! I think it's better for you to try applying in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) or a nursing home first.I know someone who was a doctor in the Philippines and is now a nurse here. He works three nights in neurobehavioral SNF then three nights in a medical-surgical convalescent hospital.This is just to start the experience rolling. He also does home health on the side.I also have friends who started in SNFs before they were hired by acute hospitals like Kaiser and Stanford.

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    A friend had a bad time there...that's all I can say.She never really told me the real reason why she left. Anyway,good luck to you!

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    I worked there for a year.It's a great place to learn.They really take care of their nurses.The nurse to patient ratio in the med-surg unit is 1:4.

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    Is it fair to float in other areas if you were hired to work only in a specific medical unit? The contract that my best friend signed specifically stated that she will only work in a specific medical unit.But when she started working,her manager told her that after three months she will float in areas such as cardiovascular,surgical,neurology,oncology and ortho which are not part of the unit that she's working in right now..Can she say no? I actually am fortunate because I don't get to float in the hospital where I'm working in.She ask me once about this and since I don't have any idea I opted to open this up here in our allnurses forum. Thanks in advance for your future inputs!

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    Anyone from Stanford Hospital here?

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    Anyone from Stanford Hospital here? What's the nurse-patient ratio there?

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    Staff nurse II is based on your years of experience and qualifications...they have an established criteria for this.the HR people know about this especially your recruiter.better have a good 1st year evaluation from your clinical leader and attend continuing education.They add points too for the much needed raise and all the more,you get paid when you attend them.RNs in UMC work 12 hours/day x 6/biweekly to be considered full time.You also get paid higher when you do overtime especially when you work nights.You can gain more PTOs too.Aside from the base pay,you have benefits that go with it.Per diem and part time nurses on the other hand are paid differently.But I am not sure how they are paid.