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    Yes.then you get an increase depending on your 1st yr. evaluation.

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    You earn $28-29.19/hr as staff nurse II...

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    I too am migrating with my family soon.I have already packed my suitcases and boxes with clothes,books(original),photos, and even toys.I am quite unsure if it's alright to bring my homade family videos starting when my husband and I got married up to the most recent family activity.I am also a movie addict.That's why I also packed my original vcds and dvds.I retained them in their cases.Of course,I will handcarry important documents that will be needed at the departure area and port of entry.And yes, I won't forget our pocket money.

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    Addtional info with regard to directions,I forgot to tell you too that it will also be useful if you request the hotel front desk personnel to write all places you want to go to in Chinese characters.You can later show the piece of paper to the taxi driver.It' much easier that way.Where did I get the idea?Well, I got it from a magazine which I read the night after my exam.Too late the hero but I enjoyed every minute of it.

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    Hi colleagues! Here's my first hand experience in Hongkong when I went there to take the NCLEX last March.This could be of help to all of you who'll be taking the exams there.

    1. Look for special travel packages for Hongkong visitors.Sometimes there are travel agencies that offer special travel promos to nurses especially when they travel in groups.I didn't do this.But an acquaintance told me that their group did just that.I didn't get the name of the agency.

    2. Fly to Hongkong in the morning before your scheduled exam so that you can tour the area where the Grand Millenium Plaza is located in the afternoon.This could free you from hassles that could occur the day of your exams.But again,due to miscommunication with my agency,I wasn't able to book a flight early.It pays to have a responsible agency to take care of you.I was the first to be sent by my agency to Hongkong.They use to send their nurses to Guam or Saipan.I had quite an adventure.

    3.After passing through immigration and claiming your luggage,go directly to the hotel reservations desk personnel because they can greatly help you double check your hotel reservations.Sort of a Hongkong Welcoming Committee.The personnel who was there during my arrival was very courteous and helpful.It is alright if people from your hotel will be there to pick you up.When I went there,I was alone.So I had to really ask these people how I could get to my hotel in an affordable way.She guided me well in perfect english.She said that it's a lot cheaper to ride a shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel because Hongkong airport is on another island and it's far from central Hongkong.Taxis can get pricey if you ride them from the airport to your hotel. I paid the shuttle bus fare right after I had my pocket money changed by a money changing establishment that's just beside the hotel reservations desk.But the counter for the shuttle bus is a little farther.Hongkong airport is so big. You need to read the signs to get to where you would want to go.Airline personnels are also quite helpful especially if you ride PAL. Be sure to ride the right shuttle bus to your hotel.Anyway, they'll be asking you at the shuttle bus counter where you're hotel is situated.They'll write the address on a large white paper and stick it on your shirt or jacket so that the bus personnel can actually see whose going to to Kowloon area,or to Kaoshiung area etc. etc.. I enjoyed my bus ride even if I arrived late in the afternoon.It was dark due to cloudy skies and rained hard much much later.Hongkong skycrapers were good to look at even at night.They are illuminated well with bright dancing lights.It felt grand.I forgot the tension that was building inside me even just for a few minutes because of the excitement of being in Hongkong.I arrived at the hotel a little past 7 in the evening.I wasn't able to check on Grand Millenium's location so I just asked for directions from the hotel personnel.It was hard to be talking in english in a place that is not use to it.But I got by.

    4.Please bring a jacket or a sweater.It could come in handy especially in the testing center..When I went there last March, no one told me that the Hongkong weather was cold.It was actually freezing cold.I had to turn off the aircon in my room to be able to sleep. I even met a group of Cebuano nurses who went there wearing just sleeveless blouses,shirts,shorts and slippers.They had to scramble for the nearest flea market to buy bargain sweaters.Quite an experience for them.Thank God I brought a shawl and a blazer.I knew the test center environment was cold but not the weather outside.

    5. Bring instant cup noodles.They were my source of nourishment during my three days stay in Hongkong.But I had the best meal of my life from a fastfood establishment that is there at Grand Millenium Plaza.I was able to eat sumptuously probably because it was affordable and super delicious.And the coffee was the best coffee I ever tasted in this side of the planet.

    6. Ride the red taxis only.They can get you anywhere Hongkong.Yellow and green taxis have their own routes so better ride the red ones.But they are pricey.

    7. When asking for directions, it is much better to approach yuppies and students than the middle aged people there.You are 100% sure you'll get a straight english answer from the young ones. The older ones were a little rude and would gesture a no or even say the word when you start asking for directions in English.Well,I understand their predicament.English by the way is not their everyday language. Although they have been occupied by the British for a long period of time. In fairness, there are some oldies who tried their very best english inorder to direct me to where the Grand Millenium is.I'm grateful for their gesture.

    8.You can arrive early at the Grand Millenium Plaza but the Pearson VUE personnel will not allow you to loiter inside their offices if it's not yet your time to take the test.You will be asked to leave the premises then just come back if it's already your time. There is a mini park near the testing center. I sat in one of the benches and mulled over my chances of passing the exam.I prayed even harder during that time.I wanted to go to a church but I might get lost so I opted to stay put near Grand Millenium.

    9.If you'll use your passport as your main ID,better sign it before you present it to the Pearson VUE personnel.They will not allow you to take the exams once your passport is not signed.It happened to a nurse doctor who is also scheduled to take the exam on the day I took it.So to save yourselves from this heartbreaking scenario,please check your passports if they are signed.

    I still believe in the integrity of the Filipino nurse.In due time,we will be redeemed.

    In the midst of these obstacles, I thank God I passed the NCLEX and I am getting ready for my migration in America.Thank you so much America for giving all of us the chance to prove ourselves in your land.God is so good!

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    Get well soon multicollinarity! And thank you again for that great news about UMC.Makes me want to pull the dates on my calendar so that I'll be there already.Can't wait to check it out esp. their med-surg'l wing and the nurse-patient ratios.

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    Actually,I'm bringing my family with me(my husband and two kids).My priority when looking for an apartment is a safe neighborhood.Since I'm going to be working at UMC,I also would like a place that's near it. I have looked into Rio Cancion's website and I am pleased to see such good amenities. Is it really just 7 minutes away from UMC? I got the info from Yahoo maps.Their two bedroom apartment is just right for a family of four.

    Thank you again for the first hand info multicollinarity!

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    Hi again!

    Any idea about the following apartments?
    1. Winterhaven Terrace Apartments at Fort Lowell
    2. Altamira Apartments at East River Road
    3. Redondo Tower at West Paseo Redondo
    4. St. Phillip's Corner at North Campbell
    5. LA Entrada Apartments at North Granada Avenue
    6. FoxPoint Apartments at North Campbell

    I will value any idea or suggestion youll be sharing with me. Thanks in advance!

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    I'm afraid of snakes and tarantulas.I have seen rattle snakes in zoos but never inside my house. I have never seen spiders as big as our hand.Must brace myself for the vermin!:uhoh21:

    Thanks for the warning!

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    Thank you multicollinarity!

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    I would like to know what's the best apartment that's near University medical Center in Tucson? Help!

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    Do I still need to get a police clearance from my local police station even though I already have my NBI clearance? Help!

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    Just want to know if I still need to acquire a police clearance even though I already have my NBI clearance?

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    To PRC:
    Please don't keep secrets.We need the names of those two culprits.They are a disgrace to the Filipino people! They have caused us humiliation,so why keep their names from us.Publish their names because they deserve to be shamed and ridiculed more than us,who in our own small way,have been trying our very best to gain and retain the respect,trust, and confidence of a lot of people especially our foreigner friends and colleagues..The repercussions of what they did will reverberate throughout the world.More so,those review centers involved will have to be sanctioned as well.All nurses involved in these scam do not deserve to be retained as members of the profession we dearly love and respect.Their licence must all be revoked.Never again will they be allowed to set foot on anything about Nursing.