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    As a new RN and a former CNA, I can honestly say if you that if you cannot handle the "yuckies" maybe you should reconsider your educational direction. I know of very few positions in the nursing field that do not require a nurse to role up his/her sleeves when the patient is in need.

    I would not want a nurse to care for anyone in my family or for myself if he/she is going to freak when things get nasty or walk off and leave the situation to wait for a CNA or someone else to do his/her job (by the way assisting your patient with hygiene needs is not the sole job of the CNA contrary to popular nursing belief). Through my nursing career (3 years CNA, 2 years NT, and 7 months RN), I have seen and cleaned things I can't even describe and really don't want to remember.

    The point is you shouldn't be thinking about what you are doing, but about how the patient feels. I can remember the first patient who threw up on me, he was terribly sick and very apologetic. I felt so sorry for "Him" because he just kept saying "I'm so sorry" over and over (in between bouts of vomiting). Of course he wasn't the only one sick, my stomach had turned as well. I just kept praying "Please, God don't let me throw up because it will make him feel worse". Luckily, I held my cookies and got the patient clean and he thanked me for my care and understanding (I then went straight to the surgery department because luckily they stock extra scrubs and plenty of soap) lol.

    If you are really afraid of the "yuckies", you really need to spend some time researching other fields. Because as you can see, nursing is more than book work and passing out pills. It is complete hands-on-care of the patients and any situation they can dish out (from any orifice or crevice).

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    The new Grad starting pay in Chattanooga Tn is $16.75 - $17.34 for ADN/ASN for day shift with $1.00 more per hour for BSN (info from personal experience and word of mouth from peers). Night shift ranges from $2.50 to $3.50 more per hr and weekend shift will add another $2.00 per hr depending on the facility.

    I started at one of the higher paying facilities, but learned that my pay would not increase more than $1.00 after my first year in my current position. I have learned from several of my peers that if I choose to change facilities or postions after my first year, the wages usually increase by another $3-5.00 per hr.

    Also, at most facilities medical benifits start on the date of hire (no three month waiting period). 401K is offered at most facilities as well as short and long term disability. Also, at my facility new hires earn aprox 140-180 hrs paid time off per year (depending on hours worked)