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    Hello, I have been a LPN for ten years. In the last semester of my RN program I had a serious car accident. that landed me in a wheel chair for a year and a half and then a walker for another year then eventually after extinsive PT I was able to regain my ability to walk without any assistive devices. yoohoo. Anyway, while I was doing PT I realised that I needed to get my act back together and get back in school. I new that by walking with an assitive device I would have difficulty running the floors in the Hosp. that I had worked at. So I entered the local community college majoring in Social Work. I have completed my AA and have two semesters to complete, to have my bacholer degree in social work. I have been able to return to nursing and have not had any difficulty. I am attempting to get back into nursing school in order to complete my RN degree. I have to retake the whole program oh well, anyway by the time I am done I should have my RN and Bacholer degree in Social Work by the end of Summer of 2007 My question is What in the world is the LPN GAP TEST?