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    well, i work at flagstaff medical center and i don't want to see it pass. all you hear in the media is "to improve patient care" :angryfire but when the reporters are gone and its just us nurses, its all about "how much more money were gonna get." here are some facts about fmc, specifically the icu and cvicu...there is no call. all ratio's are 1:2 or less depending on the patients acuity. a nurse at fmc can earn up to a 9% pay increae yearly, and as far as incentive pay is, a nurse can make (time and a half + $20.00) thats right!! if your base pay is 30 bucks an hour, incentive pay is $60.00/hr...and they want more!!!!!!! ther are some problems at fmc, i don't argue this, but we also have a brand new ceo who satrted 6-8 weeks ago...his wife has been a nurse for 24 years, so maybe he'll listen more than our previous.
    all in all, im encouraging my co-workers to vote no
    sorry if i came accross too strong!!!

    i do know there will be a rally, monday june 12 at flagstaff medical center by nurses against the formation of a union at fmc....all are welcome