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    Bless you all ER Nurses. I cant see myself working in ER especially if my patients are this kids. I easily get emotional when it comes to children. Maybe i gonna have a heart attack if i work in ER. I salute you guys, keep up the goodwork.

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    I know how you feel, I had an allergy with banana, and they all think its weird, but for me its scary. I develop this allergy when i reached the age of 40. First its just and ithchiness in the throat but eventually it becomes swollen that i cant breathe, its scary ha? I dont wanna die just because i eat banana?yeah theyre right were special tweety

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    i feel the same way, ive got an allergy to banana, and they all laugh at me, they think that its weird but, its scary on my part.The first thing that i would feel is the itchiness of my throat and eventually got swollen that i cant breathe.This allergy to banana just started when i reach the age of 40.weird ha? Now im just afraid to eat fruits that is high in potassium just being careful, i just dont wanna die just because i eat banana.Theyre right we are just unique in our own special way.