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    in order to have competent overseas/ foreign nurses a training should be a MUST for every hospital that accepts new foreign nurses to work for them,anway it would'nt be such a big problem training them coz mostly they are willing to learn and are hard working...after that, all you have is a skilled and competent nurses who works their best to cater the needs of the patients... =)

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    i have been in nursing school for 3 years and everytime we go on duty our clinical instructor whether a boy or a girl always reminds us to wear a make-up...they said it would look nice to look pretty for the patients at least when we face them were not only giving them a warm comforting and caring smile but also with a face that may seem to brighten a sick persons i think make-up may help,but don't put too much on it though so that we won't look like a clown after a sweaty day on duty...