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    How did I become an RN?

    Well, back in high school, I would watch General Hospital. Bobbie Spencer was a nursing student back then... and it seemed like she was having soo much fun... and, I wanted to have fun, too. Yep, I decided to become a nurse after watching an actress portray a nursing student.
    I was a horrible student in biology class, and the though of taking chemistry was too overwhelming, as I tended to struggle with science classes. So, I gave up the dream of becoming an RN and decided to become a paralegal. Then, in my senior year of high school, I learned that LPN's did not have to take chemsistry, so I threw my heart back into nursing. By this time, my fascination with student nurse Bobbie Spencer was history, and I think I wanted to be a nurse for the right reasons (although now, I can't recall what they were).
    Several years later, I was tired of being an LPN. I felt that I had peaked, and was looking for a challange. I decided to become a respiratory therapist, as I knew I wanted to stay in health care. That decision, of course, required me to take Chemistry, which, I managed to ace in summer school.
    Well, since I had the chemistry out of the way, WHY NOT become an RN? And, so, I did. And now, I am blessed to work as a hospice nurse. It is the most rewarding position I have ever held.