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    Quote from FNPhopeful
    I'm not sure yet, part of me wants to get enough to cover all expenses, childcare,gas, books, supplies, tuition and part of me wants to just take out the bare minimum and just struggle for 2 years so I dont come out with huge loan debt. The maximim I am thinking is $5000 (childcare alone would be $4000 for a 10 month school year) so $10000 total for a 2 yr ADN program.

    But I'll also be planning on going straight to the BSN and then MSN, I just wanna finish it all and be done. I wanna be an FNP. So I guess no matter what I would have student loans in the end.
    Because basically I cant even go to school without fulltime childcare (no family/friends to sit) and we cant afford it otherwise. So Im gonna have to do that. I'll be able to pay it all back by the time Im 85! LOL

    I have a child also and no money. This year I'm getting the max as a second year sophmore 7,500. Think some hospitals will pay off your student loans for you for signing with them

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    thanks quick and staight to the point

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    Do you all think a laptop would be good to purchase?