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    depends on the person i think.. i had a cheapo 10$ steth and it was ok. i now have an 100$ littman and it works beautifully. i can hear sooo much more, it is louder and clearer than the cheapo. i can hear in a crowded loud room with no probs outta the littman but the cheapo it had to be absoultely silent. plus the earbuds for the littman are sooo much more comfortable!... so just depends on the person

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    well.. i am currently a student in lanier tech's pn program in cumming.. we had a "bird" extremely in touch with the campus's nursing program and the issues around it and we were informed about a month ago that the chosen school was lanier tech and the first program is supposed to start spring of 2007, the papers werent signed just yet tho but it was locked in for the most part... but that is just what a lil birdie told us