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    I also a LVN in california i agree with very thing DAYANNIGHT said but i floated to rehab i was the only nurse no RN total 20 pts

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    well matt some times its better to keep your mouth close.I now you did't like her asking why you not a DR .Thats the same for us L.P.N/L.V.N. You don't know a person situation .We all need to be respected RN/LPN/LVN. I'm a proud L.V.N. Also i'm proud of you we need RNs.. please next time think before you ask something that might affend someone well take care. antralan

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    hello nurse's my name is antralan i been a nurse for 10 years never work in ltc intil now i'm use to the rn doing charting,doctor orders also they usely in charge the LVNs do the meds at the va hospital i just quiet i want more exper i feel like i need alot of pointers because i like the differents in ltc you feel like you can learn much more than just being med nurse. please help with charting the many key in being in charge .when a pt dies what all need to be in chart please help i can be a good nurse not just in for money thank you very much