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    thanks very much, NRSKarenRN. do you know how long does the process take?

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    hi! does anybody know how do you apply for an IL license by endorsement? I am a nurse from the Philippines, I took the California NCLEX and I want to apply for an Il license.

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    Quote from haa
    I am an international nurse. I just got my California RN license. Now I want to make an endorsement to an Illinois one. The problem is I have never practiced nursing either in my home country or in the united states, although I hold a degree of BSN. But, to apply for an endorsement, the Board(Illinois) sets a prerequisite of minimum two years of clinical practice (this requirement is for international nurses). Here I am brought to a very pretty dilemma. Without a license, I cannot work; and without working experience, I cannot make the endorsement. I do not want to leave Illnois because my boyfriend is here. So what should I do? Actually, I want to write a letter to the Board to explain my situation. I want to try. Do you think there is any hope? any other suggestions?

    Thank you!

    hi haa!

    i just would like to know what happened to your problem regarding this. I will be doing the same. I am a Cali nclex passer and i wanna work in IL too. I hope you can assist me on what i need to do. maraming salamat!

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    im from the Philippines, and is currently in IL. i have passed the cali bon nclex and my visascreen is in the process. im wondering if anyone knows any nurse recruiter or any hospital or nursing home who can sponsor me. i stay in the west suburbs.

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    im from the philippines and is currently in IL. i would like to know where i can find a list of legit nurse recruiters or sponsors which i can contact. thanks!