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    Hello everyone!
    I was admitted to the MECN program to start this fall. I am finishing up an A&P class right now through UCLA extension, will be taking Microbio at LATTC in a few weeks and also the nursing fundamentals course in Torrance. If all goes well, I should be starting the program this fall. I was also under the impression that the CNA course would be at UCLA, but apperently not. Should we register through Rhonda (UCLA) or SCROC?

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    Hello there!

    I have been admitted into the MECN program. Ugh, where did 70k come from ??? I was told it would be 12k per year....

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    Hi there!

    I have been accepted into the MECN program at UCLA as well. Anyone know more info on the Nursing Fundamentals class that we are supposed to take in August? I have to fulfill one last pre-req and would hate for the 2 classes to interfere with eachother. Any information is greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks!