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    Hello frustrated, I too used to work with a nurse that acted about the same way you described of the one you work with. She might have been alittle worse! funny it was also a LTC facility for children with all kinds of medical problems. This nurse had/ has the worst attituide of any person I have ever met, is extremely hateful, puts everyone around her down nonstop-----cusses on a daily and very loud basis and nothing is ever done! all the management was and still is aware of the situation all I can say is at the time we were very short staffed so I guess the powers that be felt it was better to have a awful nurse rather than no nurse! anyway I decided that she was a very unhappy person, must really not like herself! If you look real close at people like this it usually says more about them than the people around them! It is extremely tiring to work around a person like this and I left my job! she still works there I still have friends that work there and they say she is as bad as ever! To this day it saddens me that the management continues to let this go on!! My only advice is to talk to your supervisor and if they let it go on as mine did then maybe you too should begin looking elsewhere!