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    Yes Dean does know that CVI doesn't get the bonus
    and no they are not doing anything for the other
    nurses. By saying "geriatric" if you mean Deaconess, no I went to the new open heart unit at Mercy Fairfield. Was a bit scared at first since this was such a small hospital but it has turned out to have been a great move - with a sign on bonus to boot!!

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    I just left this hospital in October that is giving the 30k retention bonus. They are only offering it to the cath lab, angio and EP lab nurses because the MD that heads this department demanded he have a well staffed unit. I worked in the cardiovascular ICU and let me tell you how understaffed we were. When I left we had approx 45% vacancy rate. Since then it has increased to over 50%. Some of the nurses joining me at my new place of employment. The CVICU was the only unit to take the open heart patients. We also were the overflow for the MICU & SICU, so it was not uncommon to have a fresh CABG pt paired with a pneumonia, GI bleed, MRSA, kidney transplant or anything that happened to code that day. They have been working on a retention bonus for over 2 years and this is what they came up with. It's a slap in the face for the rest of the nurses at this institution. And for the 30k, you only get a small portion up front, the rest is payable at the end of the third year. It's not worth working at this hospital. They don't care for their employees, just the $$$. I'm glad I left their and haven't looked back. The stress level is so much more decreased, I work with fresh open heart patients and I also got a sign on bonus at my new hospital!!!

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    I work in a post open heart unit and we do wedge pressures and cvp readings q2 hrs and prn when indicated, and manual cardiac output readings q4 hrs and prn, but the swans are usually d/c'd 1-2 days post-op.Some docs do use the cco swans, which are great when they work correctly!