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    To Z rn;
    I use a micro extension set with most of my IVs. It has a right angle where it attaches to the cathiter. I place an opsite type dressing over the cathiter with the end of the cathiter exposed. I then place a 1/4" tape at a right angle across the hub of the extension set where it goes into the cathiter. Then I bring the extension tubing across this tape and the apply a second tape on top of the first. Move up the extension to place a 1" tape or more as the situation dictates. I use this method for many situations. They hold very well during colenoscopys where the patient must change positions. None have fallen out. I have had patiens take them out. There is no tape under the opsite. Opsite or tape can be replace without endangering the IV site.

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    I agree that this country has a larger is better mentality. But we often are told by our patients that we provide better and more personalized care in our hospital with 10 acute care and 14 NH beds, than larger hosp. These are patients who have been in other facilities with all the bells and whistles.
    We are a level 5 trauma center with one ER bed and a small treatment room. We are quick to stalbize and ship those pts that are beyond our capacity to care for. Many a life would have been lost if we were not here.
    This is real "fronter nursing".