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    I work in the cadiaothorecic intensive care unit. We bathe the patients Q12h, usually at 20:00 and 06:30 the next day. It seems to be a routine, no matter how busy you are or what is happened on the patients.

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    I happened to get to the Allnurses through serching on Google. I am so glad to be able to communicate with all the nurses all over the world that I can't wait to recommend this wonderful. amazing web to my friends .

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    Thanks you so much for the Nurses Week I have never heard before. It is just an American festival? I am a nurse from China.

    please let say "thank you" to all the hardworking, shortstaffed, underappreciated nurses, esp Chinese nurses.

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    Hello, is there chinese nurses forum? Please!

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    I am sorry to hear that. I am also need to take the NCLEX in several months. i think i can pass it. I can from china, and I passed the CGFNS. doing more exercises is the key to success!

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    [quote=bemory]The most important things I learned about my patients were the things I assessed myself.
    Before you go into a room
    1. look up all pertinent labs
    2. check off all medications
    3. check off all orders
    4. review their history
    5. review their vitals

    When you go into a patient room
    1. bathe
    2. assess
    3. monitor all vital signs
    4. I/O
    5. remove all lines from floor
    6. check all vent settings, and medication drips
    7. check all tube placement

    Thank you very much for your tips working in CCU. I have been working in the cadiacthoracic care unit for 4years in China. Also I am experienced in ccu nursing, I can not discribe it clearly. I think you have said what I want to say.

    by the way, i will work in new jersey in a year as an RN.