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    i just started the rd semester when my life outside of school fell apart (husband left me for another woman, mother was dx with cancer, just to name a few) And as to be expected my performance in class became as unstable as the rest of my life. In 3 weeks time i went from a satisfactory student in clinical to getting my first ever advisement to being removed from the program. I am right now in the process of filing a grievance with the school but even then my chances are next to none. I loved being a nursing student, and as long as i can remember i wanted to work in the health care field. My question is now what do i do? I have 3 years of college and no degree. I heard that in ca RN students can challenge the LVN boards but i have no idea where to start. But if anyone has any ideas on helping me not let my education go to waste, Thank you so very much