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    try to find out what the sensitivity is, gather current lab and if your hospital has an issue with calling docs with questions - let the super know that you have an issue with the order in this scenario, call the doc - explain that you have just recieved this information and KNOW that he would want to know that his patient has this sensitivity. You can involve the pharmacist for information relating the current labs and the patient's previous response. If you are still uncomfortable - then go further up the chain of command.

    From experience in my current work - if you DO NOT question the doctor and if you don't go to the chief of staff when you know there is a problem, then you are considered culpable. [I've had the argument with attorneys for years - "they" say - he/she should have gone over the doctor's head and called in another doctor - right - how many times would that go over????] The key will be document - I called Dr. X and told him blah blah blah - he said yada yada yada; I called super......, pharmacist.......talked to patient who said....., family who said......

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    I'd like to hear some of your experiences with charting by exception. Have you ever been questioned, interviewed, deposed about nursing care assumed to have been done because it was part of the care plan, but not documented separately in the nursing notes? Are you comfortable that this format supports that you have met the standard of care for your patients?

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    Hi everyone - I just found this site and look forward to keeping up with what is going on in nursing today - from the real source. I've been an RN since 1978, ADN in Decatur Alabama - moved around a bit and now I'm in San Antonio TX working as a legal nurse consultant for a law firm defending nurses/hospitals.