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    You're right, I do not want to slam the school at all. There are some top-notch instructors and your peers will become an incredible support network for you. With that being said, in my opinion, I think the school is completely understaffed for the size of the current student body. The staffing is not keeping up with enrollment. It takes an incredible amount of professionalism and patience in dealing with the staff - again, in my experience. It started out this way and is only getting worse. You can get what you need eventually (or so I'm told).

    In the case of attending CCN, the squeaky wheel will get the oil first!! Of course you won't get anywhere by being ugly. Just keep following up on your own stuff via email, messages, and voice mail. Don't be concerned about aggravating them, just keep following up. Also, ask whomever tells you something to reiterate it in writing via email. You may get a different response each time you contact someone and no one will take responsibility for what someone else, and sometimes themselves, have told you. Just like in nursing...DOCUMENTATION, DOCUMENTATION, DOCUMENTATION.

    This is a very intense program and you really have to want to be a nurse badly to do it this way, as is the case with myself and my class. Don't get behind in your studies! There's no way to pull it all off if you do. It can be done, though. Good luck and all the best!

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    Patience is a that will come in handy at CCN! Good luck!

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    Delta tests all of their applicants and because they are a private school, they have to have the class full before they can start it. Sometimes that means pushing the start date back to get the caliber of student they are looking for, per the board. New instructors have been added recently to cover the two new class starts. The instructors do have access to visual aids, although some choose not to utilize them.
    Also, the classrooms they are using right now are only temporary. The new building had to be put on hold after the hurricane because of the permit situation in the parish. Everything is back on track now and they should be breaking ground by the end of next month. It does get pretty hot in some of those rooms at times, I can't deny that.
    The local hospitals definitely hire Delta graduates! And yes, tuition is expensive! Perks...what would a school perk be? Just curious what you were expecting or hoping for that you aren't getting.

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    Congratulations to all of you who just got accepted into Chamberlain! How great it is to be on the cutting edge of education.

    I am in my first term right now and am still working on my "flow." Some advice from a newbie: distance education is not without it's challenges so be patient, work hard, DON'T fall behind on your reading, and most of all stay positive.

    Good luck to all of you who are in and to those still waiting to hear!

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    FYI - For anyone interested in the RN programs at Deaconess College of Nursing in MO, they were recently purchased by DeVry and have changed their name to "Chamberlain College of Nursing." The new website is .

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    Delta has a night class starting Sept. 11 and a day class in Jan 2007. They just started a day class last month. For more information you can call Tena at 985-892-6651.

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    Delta College in Covington has a 98% pass rate on their boards, are approved by the Louisiana State Board of Nursing, and is a top quality school. Students do their clinicals at St. Tammany & Lakeview Hospitals - call them to find out what kind of nurses they are producing. Most universities will not accept direct credit from any "vocational" school; however, what they will accept is a nursing license. You can USUALLY get points or advanced standing on the list because you are already a working nurse. There is usually an exemption for a "block" of classes in the RN programs with an LPN license. As with any school, GPA is a major consideration. A quality LPN program is just another way to get into the highly competitive RN programs with advanced standing. If your ultimate goal is to become an RN, it will benefit you in this way only if you complete the entire LPN program and get licensed. There are also multiple Bridge programs you can take on campus and online to get your RN with an LPN license and good GPA.

    In addition, Delta College informs you of all costs UP FRONT! They won't even accept your Registration Fee/Deposit until you've gone through financial aid and are comfortable with the package. The posters are correct in telling you to be careful because there are many schools that will rob you blind and leave you in a lurch. Do your homework!

    In Covington, night classes start September 11th and the next day class starts Jan 2007. The Slidell school is trying to start in March 2007 and have no current dates for a night program (probably looking at 1 year from now).

    Good luck with your decision and your nursing career! You can't go wrong with any choice if you work hard and put in your time.

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    Hi. I have well water also. There is a couple of products that I add to my white laundry to stop the "yellowing." The yellowing (and rust) occurs because of the amount of iron in the water. "Iron Out" is a powder that can be purchased by the bathroom cleaners and added to laundry, used to clean stains from tubs, toilets, and sinks. "Whink" is in a brown bottle and is a liquid that has the same uses. Neither one is cheap, but it's worth the cost, especially to save your clothes. You DO NOT have to have well water to use these products successfully. My sister now uses it on her white clothes with "city" water and it's great. Just remember to only use it with all whites!

    Also, bleach should be used with cold water for it to work properly (apparently the hot water ccounter-acts the chemical properties/process of bleach - as learned in my pre-nursing chemistry class).

    Good Luck!

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    Congrats!!! I am about to start Deaconess this July and am very nervous. I wish you luck on the NCLEX. Keep us informed.

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    Thanks for the encouragement! You're almost finished--how exciting!

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    Hi. I was so excited I couldn't stand it for a couple of day...then the reality set in. I am also very nervous, though mostly about locating a clinical site. Have you rec'd your packet yet? I'm still waiting on mine.

    I'm not concerned with the "online" part of it. Once you set up a schedule, and stay on track, you'll really like it. Besides, there are the instructors and fellow students on this board to help you navigate things. You'll do fine!

    Also, I also read about the hospitals in St. Louis not wanting to hire the online program RN's. Just keep in mind that it was written by one person. Call the HR departments at the hospitals yourself to find out first hand. I wouldn't let one persons comments pursuade my decision. Besides on your nursing degree and/or license is it going to say "ONLINE STUDENT?" I doubt it.

    Be positive and be proactive!! I hope you stay.

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    Yes, St. Louis, MO online ADN program.

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    Hi. I am starting DCN in July 06. I am so excited!!