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    i will be moving to the dover, clarksville area soon. can u tell me about gateway hospital patient ratios and base pay? is it a good enviroment to work in? I am a charge RN nights but I take a full load 8 pts. we have 24 beds in med surg we usually have 3 RNs and a CNA. getting really stressed at this point, along with everyone else. the facility has great potential and great Dr.'s, but the hospital seems more concerned about $$.

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    moving to dover tn does anyone know about gateway in clarksville or any other facilities in the area.
    RN, single parent with 12year old, dont want to uproot her if the area is not that great.

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    does anyone know the salaries for TN AND KY?

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    does anyone know what the starting payrate for RN's around Lexington KY?
    I am looking at relocating.

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    Our teachers threw this out to us and noone has a clue : it is not in our book....go figure
    1. a. An adult patient has an order for Vancomycin 160 mg q 8h. The patient's IV access is a central line. According to the medication manual what is the maximum concentration that should be administered?
    b. What is the minimum amount of fluid the nurse should mix the ordered dosage in to infuse at the proper dilution? Is it 500mg/100mL
    c. What is the recommended rate at which the medication should be delivered? is it 3.2mL

    2. Robert has an IV order of 8mg Lasix (furosemide) for an adult patient now.
    Which of these demonstrates correct implementation of this order?
    a. Dilute in 8mL NS and infuse over 30 min.
    b. Give IVP over 3-5 min.
    c. Dilute in 4 mL NS and give over 1 hr.
    d. Give IVP at <4mg/min. - this is my answer