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    Firing all the LPN's is a veritable oxymoron to the "Nurse Shortage" we are currently suffering from.... I am now a Masters Prepared Registered Nurse that learned most of his people and clinical skills from the great LPN's throughout my career. While the Batchelors Prepared Nurses understood theory... the LPN's understood applying that theory to make it work under all kinds of circumstances.

    I mean what kind of a message do you give those fired and the rest of the nursing staff that may not be affected? You state the LPN's didn't even get a change to pursue RN status... Surely a grandfather clause would of assisted retention and encourage further education. Get out now while you can! It's obvious the corporation you are working for does not care about their nurses and you don't need to work under those circumstances. Come to Dallas, Texas and be accepted for the professionals you truly are... :0)