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    You are a typical pediatric patient that I would see in my hospital. I have had patients in their 40s. For example, if you have a congential heart defect, pediatric cardiologists are the ones most versed in your condition, so that's who would be following your care. I have patients in their 20s and 30s who come in with arrhythmias and have to have their pacemakers reset or have an ablation done....this is not uncommon. They put you there for a reason ...probably because of your age and your condition.

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    I'm commuting from Vail which is about 130 miles each way....luckily I found a room with another nurse at PCH so I'm all set and ready to start. Thanks for all the kind words!

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    I was offered a new grad position with Phoenix Children's. I am looking for a room in the area so I am close by the hospital....I live somewhat far away, so I was looking for somewhere to crash while I'm working and then go home when I have days off. What is the name of the neighborhood around PCH? Is it safe? Does anyone else do this? Any other advice?