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    to everyone taking the local boards, don't forget to review previous exam questions to familiarize yourself with the topics, study loads of CHN, updates from DOH and have confidence! goodluck!!!

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    I am a nurse from the Philippines. I am initially licensed here in the states in New Mexico then Connecticut. I got married 7 months ago and decided to move to NY. I left my old job in Connecticut and applied for my CVS-NY 6 months ago but still I can't see light at the end of the tunnel. All my documents were received by CGFNS but I found out recently that they only open documents they received through mail only after 6 weeks from receiving it. No wonder it takes forever. So here I am now newly wed and jobless. Going back to Connecticut is one of the few options I have but definitely not what I initially planned to do.

    I wish my story will educate foreign nurses wishing to relocate in NY.