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    I called Sallie Mae after being preapproved for the Tuition Answer loan. I told the rep that I start school in August. He said that the correct application is not out yet, and it should be available online sometime this month. He told me to wait and resubmit the new application. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    Quote from susswood
    OK, it is 2006. A stay-at-home dad is as good as any mom-hands down! In addition, it is much better to get school over with while your children are young and probably won't remember much of you being gone. Elementary school is when things start to get busy, with all those after school activities etc....

    That being said, I am 4 months from finishing CRNA school. My husband stays at home with our 3-year-old and they have the best relationship ever. Try not to focus too much on the money. When you graduaute not only will you be making great money, but you will have a job which will give you greater autonomy and satisfaction than you had as as RN. So it is not really all about the money anyhow. It won't take "30-40 years to pay it off" as someone said. Think about this.... if you maintained your same standard of living while you are in school (minus the tuition and books) and made 120,000/year afterward, you could pay off those loans in 3 years or less. Also, interest on student loans is tax deductible.

    Also don't forget about scholarships, fellowships, grants and forgivable loans.... they are out there if you look- I know because I got them.

    p.s. harvest cases are interesting
    My thoughts exactly! I start crna school in August. I have 2 yr old twin boys and a 4 yr old daughter. My husband plans to stay home with our children for atleast the first 9 months when we have to relocate for the classroom portion of the program. We'll move back home for the clinical component. I think that if you have a dedicated spouse who is willing to do whatever it takes to see you succeed, your children will not suffer in the least. It says a lot about a mother of small children when she is not only qualified to pursue a career as a crna, but is also willing to take on the challenge of going to school while raising a family. Some might think that having children will be a hindrance, but those of us that actually have them know that they are also a major inspiration and a driving force to succeed!

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    uab - mobile component, august, 2006!!!!! oh, yeah!!! :smiley_aa