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    I am writing an article regarding Nurse's Appreciation week/day. I figured the best resource would be straight from the nurse's mouth. I was hoping that you could be able give me some information. I have listed some questions that may be able to help you express your opinions on the subject.

    Do you celebrate Nurse's Day/week? If so, how?
    Do your superiors show appreciation? Lunch, dinner, cards, party, gifts?
    How long have you been a nurse? What type of nurse?
    Do you work in a hospital, private office, clinic, etc...?
    Do you have nurse's day traditions? Celebrate with former classmates, etc...?
    How would you like to be shown appreciation?
    Any other information is highly appreicated.

    Once the article is finished it will be published on hundreds web magazines and will be available for print magazines to use. I will also post it here so you can see your help at work.

    Thanks In Advance!

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    Do you celebrate Nurse's Day? Best/Worst gift ever received?