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    We are about to start 12hr shifts alongside 8hr shifts on our orthopaedic/trauma ward. With 30-32 beds our staffing level is 6 nurses on each AM and PM shift, and 4 on a night shift. There are 10 out of 30 nurses who want to trial 12hr shifts. How well does it work, and does anyone have any example templates to look at or suggest? Most of us work 32hr weeks, and others work 16, 24, or 40 hr weeks, according to their contracts.
    The motivating factor is the old work/life balance and compressed working week to minimise/eliminate split days off and allow more time for family and leisure (life!).
    We are worried about shift transitions and getting enough sleep too. Would love to hear the pros and cons of a 12hr/8hr combination roster.
    Cheers from New Zealand

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    Hi from NZ! Names I've come accross recently here: Boys: Kadyn, Quiahn, Rocky, Girls: Tequile, Sasquia, Oceana, Pebbles, Anais, Amity.