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    It stinks about your grade! It's so frustrating when you're that close and they won't round up. I'm jealous, though, that your school uses the 'regular' grading system. ASU has decided to use the honor scale: A (100-93), B (92-85), C (84-77). Definitely a pain when you see you got a 83 and think "Yes! I got a B!" only to realize it's a C.

    I agree with the others though - a C is still passing. I've turned into just thinking of all classes as Pass/Fail (our clinical is considered p/f, so I'm just rolling it over onto the other 3 classes this semester). Yes, this may be a bad way of looking at things, but I figure a pt isn't going to say "Hey, you're about to help me deliver my baby. Did you get an A in OB?"

    But I understand the frustration with the scholarship. Good luck!!! And enjoy your spring break!