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    guys, i just graduated from the spring class this year. it is true that the program is hard. tho, it is expected, it's the same as any other accelerated nursing program. i'm not sure that if they told you in orientation that you will no life for a year. they r not kidding, if you want to survive this program u have to study 24/7, sleep w/ ur books if that helps. along the way we lost alot classmates

    i can tell u that at the end it's all worth it. after i passed my HESI in april, and i took a month off. i just took my board on thursday, and passed w/o study much for it.

    u all can do it, u just have to work for it

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    same here

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    we had HESI tests for each course and the final HESI was nothing like the questions on the CD nor many knowledge ones. Most of the questions I did not even know what they try to get out of us. My class stuided so many sources...I dont know how much the review would help. I just studied Saunder's and HESI review book.

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    I'm taking NCLEX-RN in one week, recently graduated and passed HESI w/ 89%. They say dont worry NCLEX because it is easier than HESI but there are a lot of things from Saunder's review I cant remember not to mention all the drugs in the book. can anyone give me some suggestions on what to focus in one week? Thanks alot

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    i really dont know where else to find the information. i'm graduating from a nursing school with a BSN in Philadelphia, PA, and i'd like to work in NYC. can anyone clearify the process of abtaining ny license? do i have to register and take NCLEX in NY? can i apply the NY permit? do i have to approve my nursing program to the ny state? i am really unformiliar with the whole process. i want to spend time and look for these but finals are coming in a wk and HESI right after, stressing out. thank you for any information you can provide