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    Let me start by saying that sucks! Like yourself I too spent 3 years of hell to get into the nursing profession. DO NOT GIVE UP! You worked ridiculously hard for your license, find other avenues, even if it is outside of that hospital. I have only worked for a nurse of a month now, and I was fortunate to get hired with a great Neuro team, and because of that it proves not all nurses are out to eat their young. It's a bummer the nurses you worked for did not respect you more, but there is a place for you in this profession, keep looking at options, I was lucky, but you can find some luck of your own just may take a little longer, but it will be worth it

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    The nurse who said that needs a Neuro check, as her brain truly isn't functioning properly if she believes that! We have some of the sickest patients around....there is one maybe two words that describe her statement....jealously...or...ignorance. (Possibly both) Either way, embrace and enjoy our specialty, we truly making a difference in peoples lives when they have no control over their own. Although not all look at the big picture, you can rest assured she is in many instances the minority.

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    I posted just a few hours ago, I took my boards yesterday. I can confirm the "trick" worked like a charm, I just checked the BON and it says approved, and has my number! OMG what a relief! And I have to thank everyone who has posted on here, the Pearonvue trick really helped to relieve some of the anxiety I was experiencing, and gave me a ray of hope

    So yes, the trick definitely works! Have a great day, time for me to start working as a RN for the Cleveland Clinic Woohoo!

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    Well I took my state boards yesterday. I am in Ohio, and was freaking out all day yesterday, last night I cam across this thread, and I tried the "trick" too....I got the message, "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time." I was sure when I walked out of that test I had bombed it, but this thread does give me hope. My test consisted primarily of SATA, RN Priority (choose which patient to attend to first), and various Hepatitis related questions. I had no math, or place in the correct order style of questions, which really worries me, thought it would be a wider variety! Well I am praying the trick is true, cause I tried it again this morning and received the same message....crossing my fingers in Ohio...I'll let you know what happens!

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    Jeckrn and Patrick1rn thanks a lot for the info, it's good to know this may be an option for me. I am 36 and the option of a double retirement someday is nice to envision. I question if doing both would tie me and my wife down too much or be too much on our plate. Thanks again for the info, I really appreciate it :wink2:

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    Not sure if anyone knows the answer to this one, but if you work for the VA full time and join the reserves as well, are you eligible for retirements from both the VA and the reserves after 20 years, or is that classified as double-dipping?

    BTW great input everyone, this thread has been helpful since I am really interested in working for the VA.

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    Here is a simple fact. Book smarts do not translate to a quality nurse. Where knowledge is key and definitely very important, some of the straight A students in my current nursing class are truly the worst performers on the floor. You can take that to the bank.

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    I did, and your response validates exactly why I did so....and I'm a 4th generation Floridian too.

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    This will probably sound silly, but I have the same issues with losing steam toward the end of the semester. Here are the things I have done to combat this:

    Remind myself of a goal I have set after graduation. (Example: Las Vegas trip!) I take a few minutes, look up a couple hotels I will probably stay at, and remind myself how sick I am of studying, and do not want to restudy this again for fear of failure.

    Have found a great place to study without distraction.
    Have caffeen/vivarin on hand if I start to lose it.
    My wife let's me know when I am losing it too, she says it nicely, but I get the clue.

    So far this has worked well....1 semester to go, May 8th cannot get here soon enough!

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    If you can get in with a C+ move forward, the nursing courses will reiterate everything you went over in A&P. If you need a higher grade to remain competitive to get into a program, then consider retaking. But if you can get in with a C+ definitely move forward, I have one semester of school left (Critical Care) and I got C's in both A&P1 and 2, and I have progressed without an issue.

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    I lived in Florida most of my life. I will admit I am not a fan, and will not go back to live there. I moved from Florida to Ohio to attend nursing school, and honestly Ohio will not be my final stopping place either. Florida is not all bad, but does have it's drawbacks. Here are some pros and cons to consider:

    Pros: Sunny Year Round, great food and dining, a lot to do (beach, amusement parks, fishing, ect,.)

    Cons: Hot and humid, bugs galore, cost of living has sky rocketed, people can be quite rude, many snowbirds congest the roads.

    Everything depends on where in Florida you call home. The school systems are not horrible, they have many charter schools, and compared to the ones locally here in Ohio they are A+. With that said people here are much more polite, and although race is still an issue here, it is nothing like the white/black barriers down south. Every place you live can have either a black cloud or a silver lining, just determine what appeals to you, and if you can deal with that which does not.

    P.S. If you want beautiful beaches, you will need Ft. Lauderdale to the gulf side of the state. Good luck on your decision.

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    Here are my thoughts on a salaried position. I worked a salaried position before, and although it is nice to have a set income you can depend upon every 2 weeks, it definitely has it's drawbacks. I cannot speak for UH as I have never worked there, but in my past experience working as a salaried employee here were some of the drawbacks:

    No overtime (so no chance to increase your income on your own), also since your salary you may actually be required to work more and in return will not be compensated financially.

    This probably appears very trivial at first, but a few forced overs/mandated time and it makes you rethink the idea of salary. The reality is if a facility has salaried employees vs. hourly employees, they will send the hourly employee home first as to save on their budget.

    Let me put one final note, I have not graduated yet (Graduation date is May 8th 2009), but I have worked 2 other salaried positions prior to going back to school, and will NEVER go back to a salaried position again if I have the option of an hourly opportunity. Plus Cleveland Clinics Heart center has been rated #1 in the country for 14 years straight, great learning opportunity and resume builder. Just my 2 cents

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    an 80...I would take a B in A&P any day! I'm in A & P II this semester, and it is just as difficult as A&P I, bring a digital camera, it will help you in studying after hours....still a good grade for an advanced science class, could have been worse :wink2:

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    I just switched career fields from computers (was a Tech Manager) toward nursing. After a lot of fighting with schools I finally got accepted and will begin classes in August of 2006. Totally excited to be underway as I used to be a medic in the military prior to my computer gig. I jumped into computers when it was hot for the money and because I was good at it as well as being good in medicine. Wish I had never done that now, but here is my second chance. I'm 33 years old, and I'm switching my career field completely...will it be easy no, will it be worth it absolutely. The computer field dried up in my area like it did in many places around the US, but nurses will always be ing demand...not only that nursing let's you specialize...after I get my BSN I can't wait to apply to a CRNA program...but that is a whole other topic :wink2: