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    hi karen . . . usually after you successfully complete your first semester of nursing school the nursing director can send for a nursing assistant certification for you. i would talk to your nursing instructors. if they don't offer that were you attend then they probably will know where you can go and take the course. also, most hospitals do offer the class free of charge . . . hey! they even give you a job!!!!!!! happy nursing and best of luck to you in school.

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    hi j . . .you are somewhat close to west virginia. i also work as a private duty pedi nurse and i make 14/hr during the week and 15/hr on the weekend. skilled nursing visits are 30 during the week and im not sure of the weekend pay rate. this is, again, the south where they say the cost of living is less expensive. i really dont find this to be true. i am originally from massachusetts and i made over 7 dollars and hour more as a private duty nurse and the auto insurance was cheaper. LOL LOL. are you an LPN like me? it all depends on where you live but ohio seems to be the same rate as here in wv.