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    Hi Nascar nurse Thank you for responding.
    I am responsible for all the MDS & care planning. We don't do the Medicare, but do the medicaid. The DON just signs for the RN sig on the MDS and the Raps.
    I only make 12.50/hr....I know depressing I feel very underpaid for the responsibilities I carry.
    I am in Oklhaoma tho and after reading through posts here I think the low wages are apart of this state.
    I think it's time for a change

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    Hi I am wondering if there are ANY other LPN MDS coordinators out there?
    I work in a privately owned LTC facility as the MDS coordinator and I do all the care planning by hand. I keep ALL care plans updated.
    I also help on the floor when I can and do Charge Nurse one day a week.
    I have been doing this for over a year now, been an LPN for 12 years now with mostly hospital experience and was a CNA for 3 yrs before that.
    I love the place I work and love doing the MDS & care plans......but......
    I am getting very frustrated with the wage part of it. I feel I have a trememdous amount of responsibilities with doing the MDS/CP( I know all nurses do... ) and feel what I do is worth more.
    I am a single mom with 3 children and very little outside support, I have been seriously thinking lately of finding an online bridge program to get my RN. I just cannot afford to keep doing this for this pay.

    I honestly LOVE care planning...I know i'm a sicko and am truly happy to be doing what I do...but's killing me .

    So? Am I alone here are are there other LPN /MDS nurses here?

    Thanks in advance for any resposes