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    Quarks by Nurse Mates - They are lightweight. I have had a billion different kinds of shoes and by feet and legs always burned after a 12 hour shift. Now I have happy feet and legs when I get off.

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    Quote from LisaG21
    :imbar Ugh! Mucus is not my thing either! I hate it when people have to be suctioned or are coughing it up! I just clench my teeth and take some deep breaths and try not to look at it more than I have to! lol Even my own makes me sick! Just last night I was trying to get through my shift (I was sick and running a fever, and I only had 2 hours left on my shift (we were really short that is the only reason I was there)) and a man rang the call bell and wanted a bucket I thought he was going to throw up! lol So I gave him the bucket and he spit a big wad of mucus (I am about to gag just thinking about it) and handed it to me. I went to rinse it out and he goes "AREN'T YOU GOING TO LOOK AT IT!" I was like are you kidding me! I already did lol Do you want me to dissect it :imbar :imbar :imbar I didn't say that but i wanted to. I just went into the bathroom and flushed it really fast. UGH!!!

    The only other things that bother me is nasal spray! The sound of someone sniffing it up their nose makes me want to puke! I could never do it myself either! When I see bri picking up the bottle to use it I say wait and run away and close my eyes and ears! lol

    I don't like acidic urine either! It makes me puke lol

    Other than that lol I'm good!!!

    Oh yeah skin that flakes off ! It doens't bother me I am just afraid I will breathe it in lol I had this lady when had cellulitis (I don't think it was but the doc said it was I never seen anything like this) on her whole body! and she honest to god shed like a snake! Her sheets would have to be changed 3-4 times a shift when she bathed I was afraid to touch her cause it looked sooo painful!
    Worse skin flaking/mucous story for me -- Had a CVA patient once who has some type of disease where she couldn't sweat and went fishing in 100 degree Louisiana weather. She had a trach so I had to suction which grosses me out almost as much as vomit does, anyway, her skin came off from all over her body in big CHUNKS. It was all over the bed linens and floor. When I would walk out of her room, I would literlly have chunks of skin on my shoes and it had the WORSE smell ever. Another nurse used Wintergreen freshener to kill the smell, to this day from several years ago, the smell of wintergreen makes me nauseated.

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    Quarks by Nurse Mates - Very lightweight. I used to have burning calves & burning heels after every shift. I will never wear any thing else.