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    hi everyone,
    my name is dorothy and i am new to this forum. let me tell you a little about myself. i have been a nurse for 36 years. i graduated from a diploma program in 1970. i worked as an ob nurse until 1975 when i went to meharry medical college to the nurse practitioner program. this was when nurse practitioners were just coming into being and they were not very popular. i completed the program in 1976. i am a maternal/child health, family planning nurse practitioner. i worked in that field until 1985, at which time i was laid off from my job. i went back to work in the hospital as an ob nurse again. i did that until 1991 when i started my current job. i work in a drug rehab center for women. i have found this work to be most rewarding. it is terrible that there are so many women and men abusing drugs and it is quite devastating to see the effects it has on the children.
    i have 2 adult children. my daughter is an attorney and my son is a free lance camera man in los angeles. he is currently working on crossing jordan. i am married and have been for 40 years and my husband just retired. well, that just about sums me up. hope to get some good information from this site.