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    The hospital that I work for has just instituted a dress code for each category of employee...nurses Navy Blue and White, techs are Wine colored, and they are holding an election now for unit secretaries between coral and teal. I have also come from institutions where anyone could wear what ever they wanted. I am not sure how I feel.

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    Hello, this is my first time on a nursing forum. I have been a nurse for 15 years and I have my BSN in nursing and right now I am shopping around for a MSN program and also grants and scholarships to help out (I am still trying to pay for my BSN!). I have just been hired as a clinical educator on a medical/pediatric unit. This will be my first job as an educator. I have taught some TNCC classes before but have never held a position as an educator and I am a bit scared. My background is primarily ER, but when I began nursing I worked for 4 years on a med/surg unit and I really loved it. This is a weird thing for me because I have never been in a position where people want and listen to my ideas and I can implement them for my role. I am just orienting now, but one of the big ideas that I have is for a preceptor class/program. I want not only to give those people that want to teach the opportunity to teach but also offer a support program to suppor them in their efforts. I am open to any suggestions, ideas or assistance that anyone has to offer, and I will do the same.